Next-Generation WordPress Hosting

Move to our water-cooled 5 Ghz private cloud, built on Docker, powered by Fastly Enterprise for global acceleration, and Signal Sciences for next-generation security.

  • Fastly Enterprise Included for Free
  • Releem AI Database Optimisation
  • Signal Sciences Security

Unparelled Performance

Our containerized, highly available platform is engineered from the ground up to be low-overhead and high-performance, giving you a competitive advantage.

Cutting edge website security

Utilize the cutting edge of WordPress hosting security, Signal Sciences, the world’s most trusted web defense, known for providing WAF and RASP services to major operations world-wide.

Unmatched reliability

Our platform simplifies WordPress hosting with built-in, twice-daily detailed backups and automatic updates for plugins, themes, and the core WordPress software, alleviating stress and guaranteeing a secure experience.

Have we missed something?

Sure, you can reach out to us through Live Chat and we will gladly assist you in finding a suitable solution for your needs, business, and budget!

All plans with PodPress provide you with round-the-clock access to our exceptional support team through Live Chat, with prompt response times. Our support engineers are highly knowledgeable in WordPress and are dedicated to effectively resolving any issues you may have.

Yes, we offer a complimentary migration service for all of your WordPress sites from any hosting provider to PodPress, to get started go to and signup! The majority of migrations, which includes even the largest websites, are completed within 12 hours or less.

PodPress has a partnership with Fastly Enterprise, which is valued at $6000/mo or more. Every website hosted on PodPress is pre-configured to utilize Fastly, giving you priority access to their over edge locations and enterprise-level web application firewall

It is simple to cancel any subscription. To cancel, simply log-in to and select your product, then cancellation options.

No! With PodPress you are free to leave at any point, there are no minimum periods or catches, and certainly no contracts.

PodPress is an ICO Registered, Sole proprietorship providing WordPress hosting in a containerised cloud in partnership with Fastly.


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