Fast and secure WordPress hosting

Enhance the performance of your WordPress site with a move to our water-cooled 5 Ghz compute-optimised private cloud, built on Docker containers and powered by Cloudflare Enterprise for global acceleration.

  • Free Anycast CDN, WAF, and Google Trust SSL
  • Cloudflare Enterprise Included for Free
  • 24/7 support via our ticket system

Ultra fast hosting designed to win

Our containerised highly available platform has been designed from metal to the edge to be low overhead, highly performant and ready to give you an edge over your competition.

  • Pre-configured Cloudflare Enterprise
  • Containerised Infrastructure
  • Optimised Cloud Compute

Secure and safe site delivery

Our cloud platform has native security built in by using containerised applications, and containerised services with dedicated, pre-allocated resources with encrypted traffic for each container.

  • Cloud and Metal Encryption
  • Realtime Native Security
  • Containerised Services

We're just faster

A slow site will lose you sales, period. Our platform has been designed to reduce friction gained from a slow checkout, improve your sales, and increase your Google Ranking.


Our platform has been designed out of necessity for the most performant, reliable and consistently good service possible.

Compute Optimised

Cloudflare Enterprise

Private Cloud Network


We belive that transparency is a key component in modern WordPress hosting, being open and communicative with our customers leaving nothing to guess work.

1 Tb+

Daily Bandwidth


Reqeuests Served


Daily Tickets


Compute Cores

Reliability and consistency

Our platform streamlines WordPress hosting by offering built-in, twice-daily granular backups and automatic updates for plugins, themes, and the WordPress core, reducing stress and ensuring a secure experience.

  • Hourly 90-Day Retention Backups
  • Managed WordPress Updates
  • Complete security overview

Scalable and fast everywhere

Our hyperscaling platform is able to scale your applications like no other platform, with infrastructure as code and compute as a service our architecture can seamlessly allocate resources without downtime.

  • High Performance Load Balancing
  • Pre-Configured Caching Rules
  • Configured Dragonfly cache

Have we missed something?


PodPress is an ICO Registered, Sole proprietorship providing WordPress hosting in a containerised cloud in partnership with Cloudflare.

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