Enterprise WordPress on Autopilot

Enhance the performance of your WordPress site with a move to our water-cooled 5 Ghz compute-optimised private cloud, built on Docker containers and powered by Fastly Enterprise for global acceleration.

  • Free Anycast CDN, WAF, and Google Trust SSL
  • Fastly Enterprise Included for Free
  • 24/7 support via Live Chat

Ultra fast hosting designed to win

Our containerized, highly available platform is engineered from the ground up to be low-overhead and high-performance, giving you a competitive advantage.

  • Pre-configured Fastly Enterprise
  • Containerised Infrastructure
  • Optimised Cloud Compute

Secure and Safe Site Delivery

Our cloud platform incorporates native security by utilizing containerized applications and services, each with dedicated, pre-allocated resources and encrypted traffic.

  • Cloud and Metal Encryption
  • Realtime Native Security
  • Containerised Services

Reliability and consistency

Our platform simplifies WordPress hosting with built-in, twice-daily detailed backups and automatic updates for plugins, themes, and the core WordPress software, alleviating stress and guaranteeing a secure experience.

  • Hourly 30-Day Retention Backups
  • Managed WordPress Updates
  • Complete security overview

Scalable and fast everywhere

Our hyperscaling platform can scale your applications uniquely, offering infrastructure as code and compute as a service. Our architecture allows for seamless resource allocation without any downtime.

  • High Performance Load Balancing
  • Pre-Configured Caching Rules
  • Configured Redis cache

Have we missed something?

PodPress is an ICO Registered, Sole proprietorship providing WordPress hosting in a containerised cloud in partnership with Fastly.

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